MBHO GmbH Mikrofonbau Haun


MBP 603 A          No. 92-6031

infotechn. dataprint

  modular system   

handmade microphones

Extended preamp with balanced capsule attachment

The MBP 603 A is a special version of the MBP 603 that allows remote placement of the microphone capsule from the amplifier. With capsules separated up to 20 m, an almost ‘invisible’ microphone that shows no loss of audio quality is a reality and all MBHO capsules are accepted! This advantage is needed in television and film production. The system is supplied with a 3 m mini-XLR cable. Customized lengths are available.


TV, theater, hidden application, concert taping


"It is a real work of modern German industrial art where all the pieces fit together so perfectly to look as if it were all molded from a single block of metal." (Martin Chittum, Tape Op Magazine, 05/02)