MBHO GmbH Mikrofonbau Haun


MBP 648 PZ          No. 92-6484

infotechn. dataprint

  modular system   

handmade microphones

Condenser PZM

When high quality recordings are made in a discrete setting a pressure zone microphone is increasingly becoming the favored choice. The MBP 648 PZ is mounted on a marble plate with a non-skid pad on the base so that body of the microphone tucks away nicely. With a plethora of capsule choices and the ease by which one may change capsules, it is no wonder the microphone has found favor in live broadcast and in live recording. With a hypercardioid capsule, the MBP 648 PZ has a tremendous reach in an almost invisible package!


Opera houses, theatrical performances, orchestras, conferencing, broadcast, prof. recording