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MBP 648 S          No. 92-6482

infotechn. dataprint

  modular system   

handmade microphones

Gooseneck -modular true condenser system

The ‘true condenser’ gooseneck is a complimentary part of our modular system. The standard configuration includes the KA 400 capsule mounted. This capsule is pre-adjusted for the speech proximity effect with a 12 dB cut at 50 Hz. As with most of our line, the MBP 648 S may be supplied with a matte black or non-reflectively plated nickel finish.

The stock item is supplied in a 250 mm length with an XLR connector, while a 3/8” threaded sleeve lateral outlet version with an open-ended 3 m cable is available upon request. You will not find a superior podium microphone!


Podium, console talkback, pulpits, conference tables